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Below is a sampling of the more than 25 books (new or updated) for which we supervised editing and design as independent consultants for Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing.
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Rockin’ Your Stage Sound

Rob Gainey

Rockin’ Your Stage Sound is designed to help musicians understand what they will be facing onstage during a performance and how they can best use their gear in service of the overall sound. Combining the observations of a professional live-sound engineer with the perspectives of successful players of all types, the book provides a wealth of tips and viewpoints unique to live-sound tutorials. Fast-paced and easy to read with multiple illustrations and diagrams, Rockin’ Your Stage Sound offers conventional and radical approaches to solving stage problems and gives musicians multiple strategies for achieving the best sound in any venue.

Zen and the Art of Mixing


In his first book, The Daily Adventures of Mixerman, the author detailed the frustrating and often hilarious goings on during the process of recording a major-label band. Musicians, engineers, and producers laughed and cried at the crazy goings-on they’d never imagined – or recognized all too well. Now Mixerman turns his razor-sharp gaze to the art of mixing and gives followers and the uninitiated reason to hope – if not for logic and civility in the recording studio then at least for a good sounding record. With a firm commitment to art over technology and to maintaining a grasp of each, Mixerman outlines his own approach to recording success, based on his years mixing records in all genres of music for all kinds of artists, often under trying circumstances. As he states in his introduction to the new volume, “Even if you’re not a professional mixer, even if you’re a musician trying to mix your own work or a studio owner in a smaller market, you have your own set of pressures to deal with while you’re mixing. Regardless of what those pressures are, it’s important to identify and recognize them, if for no other reason than so you can learn to completely ignore them.” But how? “That’s where the Zen comes in.”

The Recording Guitarist

Jon Chappell

The Recording Guitarist explores the world of recording the guitar, covering everything from selecting guitars and amps to employing effects and mastering recording techniques in a variety of recording environments – from the modest home studio to a professional facility outfitted with pro-quality gear and a staff of engineers. Offering valuable insights and tips for the novice or professional, The Recording Guitarist thoroughly examines guitars (electric and acoustic) and amps used in the studio, and explains how to select among them to achieve the desired sound. The signal chain is explained, and signal processors (effects) are analyzed according to type, placement in the signal chain, and contribution to the overall mix. In addition to helping readers create a “total guitar sound” for the studio, the book also tackles recording equipment, techniques, and formats. Also included is advice from recording industry pros such as Carl Verheyen, Al Di Meola, Alex Lifeson, and Phil Ramone. A special feature is a section called Dial a Sound – an illustrated guide to the setups and recording rigs of 14 guitar greats, including Eric Johnson, Dimebag Darrell, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, and others

The Songwriter’s Survival
Guide to Success

Dude McLean

Veteran music publisher Dude McLean presents the how-to of getting your songs recorded. It’s the art and craft of songplugging from the perspective of a veteran music publisher who’s been pitching, and been pitched to, for years. McLean’s experience covers every aspect of music publishing, including representing, securing record deals for, administrating for, and having songs recorded or written by everyone from Ray Charles to Whitney Houston, ZZ Top to Twisted Sister, Johnny Cash to Tanya Tucker – not to mention Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gerald Albright, Air Supply, Glenn Ballard, and Cher. The Songwriter’s Survival Guide to Success – How to Pitch Your Songs covers every aspect of songplugging with proven step-by-step procedures. It deals with the how, when, why, and to whom to pitch, details how to find and keep contacts and how to get to artists – and, of course, explains how to link up with a good music publisher. To expand songwriters’ horizons, the book details the varied music markets, organizations, seminars, periodicals, and online sites geared to them. It prepares the songwriter to join the mainstream of the music business by dispelling music-business mysteries and debunking music-business myths.

Power Tools for Cubase 5

Brian McConnon

As one of the original MIDI and digital-audio workstations for both Mac OS and Windows platforms, Cubase has built a large and loyal following among beginning and experienced music creators. Author Brian McConnon channels his 15 years of working daily with the program and other Cubase power users into the ultimate guide to the most productive tips, tricks, and shortcuts for making great music with Cubase 5.

Using Pro Tools
in Music Education

Robin Hodson

Using Pro Tools in Music Education defines a six-module course for high-school and college teachers who wish to integrate Pro Tools, the premier digital-audio application, into the classroom environment. Author Robin Hodson lays out direct strategies for quickly utilizing the complex software in various class programs. The book comes with a DVD-ROM featuring 41 tutorial movies (total running time 3 hours) that cover all major aspects of learning Pro Tools. Also included on the DVD are accompanying files for use in the course modules.

The Hofner Guitar

Gordon Giltrap and Neville Martin

A true classic, back in print with an updated section covering 1994 to today! This book celebrates the glory years of Hofner, the company made famous by the Beatles’ bassist Paul McCartney’s use of their left-handed 1962 500/1 model. Beautifully illustrated in color and black and white, the volume is packed with detailed information about classic Hofner guitars as well as interviews with Paul McCartney, David Gilmour, Ritchie Blackmore (of Deep Purple), Albert Lee, and others. The famous “Memorabilia” chapter includes crisp reproductions of pages from the vintage Selmer catalogs (the UK’s Hofner distributors); a guide to dating Hofner guitars; and a wonderfully insightful interview with Christian Benker, the company’s former managing director. A new section features both the German and U.S. divisions of the current Hofner company, with interviews and photos.

Fender: The Sound Heard
‘Round the World

Richard Smith

This book takes us back to Fender’s beginnings with the most comprehensive collection of Fender historical photos, product shots, patent drawings, and advertising materials ever published. Whether you are a musician, a lover of Fender lore, an instrument collector, or a curious history buff, your search ends here for the ultimate and definitive book presenting the complete, unedited Fender story.