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Here’s a summary with examples of projects RCM completed during our consulting for Hal Leonard Publishing (2008–2010).

The score from Twilight, a recent Hal Leonard print publication.

The score from Twilight.

As a consultant for Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing (the parent company is the largest publisher of printed music and music related titles in the world), I working on the editorial end of Hal Leonard’s music tech and business series, released under the imprints of Hal Leonard Books and Music Pro Guides. My independent team managed and produced over 25 books and six DVD tutorials from 2008–2010. Hal Leonard, based in Milwaukee, publishes a vast number of instructional volumes and printed music folios, such as the music to the Twilight film series.

Mixing tutorial with audio files on DVDs

Mixing tutorial with CD

Working with various authors, I learned countless tidbits about music production and the music business that I had not come across before. I only wish that when I was starting out as a player and engineer I had had access to so much solid information, such as the track-by-track mixing guide Mixing the Hits of Country (left), which was released in 2009. Produced by Nashville engineer Dave Martin, the book includes an extensive mixing tutorial and two DVDs of WAV files recorded to emulate 10 of country’s biggest recent hits.

by John Stiernberg

Written for both musicians and musical entrepreneurs, John Stiernberg’s user-friendly guide spells out the fundamentals of business, finance, and marketing for the music world. Succeeding in Music provides an in-depth look at what it takes to become a success in music in the 21st century, with insights culled from his years of experience working in the entertainment industry. You’ll learn how to take a strategic approach to all aspects of the music business, including building a business plan and putting it into action. Includes a CD-ROM with checklists, resources, and templates for planning and managing your career and more!

by Dave Martin

In The Drum Recording Handbook, best selling author Bobby Owsinski and recording engineer Dennis Moody reveal secrets to getting outstanding drum tracks on any kind of session. Interviews include Bernie Dresel, Ricky Lawson, Brian MacLeod,and Dave Weckl. You’ll learn how to tune drums for the studio, mic techniques for every kind of recording session, the right way to mix your drum tracks for all kinds of music genres. A 90-minute companion DVD features drummer Michael White (Steely Dan, Earth, Wind, and Fire), showing you the processes used.


by Dr. James Frankel

In this era of unprecedented access to information, teachers have a wealth of resources readily available for lesson planning – but determining what legally can and can’t be used in the classroom is a difficult task. The Teacher’s Guide to Music, Media, and Copyright Law helps explain in plain English how information, images, video, and music can be incorporated into any kind of lesson plan without running afoul of copyright laws. You’ll learn: what you can legally use without permission, how to obtain and license what you need permission to use, and how to check the copyright status of any media item.


by Bobby Owsinski

Bobby O’s most recent book explores every aspect of playing with other musicians, including the equipment, hardware, and software used in today’s increasingly complex technological world, and the principles of sound every musician needs to know to work at the level of a professional band. Chock full of advice that most musicians spend a lifetime learning, How to Make Your Band Sound Great should be on every musician’s bookshelf.

by Robert Sterling

Robert Sterling’s The Craft of Christian Songwriting deftly tackles the much-overlooked subject of craft in the Christian songwriter’s creative process and provides chapter after chapter of practical insights into the Christian songwriting experience. From “Getting Started” to “Building a Demo,” The Craft of Christian Songwriting shows beginning writers how to make their next song their “best song ever.” Practical and realistic, it’s a smart read for anyone with aspirations of becoming a Christian songwriter.


by Jeff Rona

This updated how-to guide takes you inside the world of creating music for film and television. Packed with case studies and insider’s tips, The Reel World – 2nd Edition teaches you how to ensure musical aesthetics, use the most effective technology and techniques, understand the business side of scoring to picture, and nurture positive relationships with music editors, directors, producers, recording engineers, musicians, and music executives. Author Jeff Rona maintains a companion website,, that lists updates, additions, resources, and more!