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New Books: Owsinski and Sibelius

Editing and layout have been completed on two new books for Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing. Both are due early in 2011.

The Touring Musician's HandbookBobby Owsinski’s The Touring Musician’s Handbook contains everything you ever wanted to know about being a musician on a tour with a signed recording group or performer. The book answers the questions every musician has about moving up to the big-time world of concerts, clubs, and live shows. Among the topics covered are:

  • How to become a touring musician
  •  Getting a gig with a touring act
  • The kind of chops and gear needed
  • How the audition process works
  • Different types of tours and pay scales
  • What to expect in production rehearsals
  • How to prep for a tour
  • Proper tour etiquette
  • What to look for in a tech

The book also looks into the unique challenges facing touring players according to their instruments, including drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, percussion, horns, and strings. As a bonus, interviews with veteran touring musicians and techs provide an overview of touring with some of the biggest acts in the world. A DVD that covers tour preparation based on both personal and equipment needs accompanies the book.



Sibelius, by Thomas Rudolph and Vincent Leonard, puts you on a course to master Sibelius music notation software step by step using the most complete how-to guide available. Now fully updated with new examples and descriptions of features in Sibelius 6, this essential reference is designed for both novices and experienced musicians, composers, producers, and arrangers. The book contains a variety of examples – from single-line melodies to complex scores. Written by two proven trainers and expert authors in the field of music notation software, this book will be a constant reference for all of your Sibelius questions and needs.